HSC Chemistry – The Acidic Environment


Describe the differences between the alkanol and alkanoic acid functional groups in carbon compounds Alkanols such as methanol ( $latex CH_3OH$ ) contain the [...]

Acid/base Theories

Gather and process information from secondary sources to trace developments in understanding and describing acid/base reactions Although covered in detail in [...]

Acids and pH

Solve problems and perform a first-hand investigation to use pH meters/probes and indicators to distinguish between acidic, basic and neutral chemicals This [...]

Acidic Oxides and the Atmosphere

Identify oxides of non-metals which act as acids and describe the conditions under which they act as acids Most oxides of non-metals, excluding the neutral [...]


Perform a first-hand investigation to prepare and test a natural indicator Various fruits, vegetables, and other items can be used to prepare indicators which [...]