HSC Chemistry – Production of Materials

Nuclear Chemistry

Distinguish between stable and radioactive isotopes and describe the conditions under which a nucleus is unstable The definition of an isotope should have [...]

Energy from Redox Reactions

Perform a first-hand investigation to identify the conditions under which a galvanic cell is produced This experiment is relatively easy, with simple results [...]

Ethanol – Use and Manufacture

Describe the dehydration of ethanol to ethylene and identify the need for a catalyst in this process and the catalyst used The ability to write the chemical [...]

Materials from Biomass

Discuss the need for alternative sources of the compounds presently obtained from the petrochemical industry This dotpoint can be argued many ways, all of [...]

Energy and Raw Materials from Fossil Fuels

Identify the industrial source of ethylene from the cracking of some of the fractions from the refining of petroleum Several forms of cracking are possible. [...]