HSC Chemistry – Industrial Chemistry

The Solvay Process

Identify the raw materials used in the Solvay process and name the products Before beginning this topic, it is useful to outline what exactly the Solvay [...]


Perform a first-hand investigation to carry out saponification and test the product Procedure: Saponification: Place 5g of NaOH pellets in a [...]

Sodium Hydroxide

Explain the difference between galvanic cells and electrolytic cells in terms of energy requirements The difference between galvanic cells and electrolytic [...]

Sulfuric Acid

Outline three uses of sulfuric acid in industry This dotpoint is largely introductory, so don’t feel that you need to go into a great deal of detail for [...]

Equilibrium and the Equilibrium Constant

Identify data, plan and perform a first-hand investigation to model an equilib- rium reaction This experiment really just aims at showing you what equilibrium [...]

Resources and Replacements

Identify data, gather and process information to identify and discuss the issues associated with the increased need for a natural resource that is not a fossil [...]