HSC Chemistry – Chemical Monitoring and Management

Monitoring the Water Supply

Identify factors that affect the concentrations of a range of ions in solution in natural bodies of water such as rivers and oceans When answering this [...]

Atmospheric chemistry and ozone

Describe the composition and layered structure of the atmosphere The atmosphere can be split into four main layers, namely the troposphere, stratosphere, [...]

Chemical Analysis

Perform first-hand investigations to carry out a range of tests, including flame tests, to identify the following ions: phosphate, sulfate, carbonate, [...]

Monitoring in Industry – The Haber process

Identify and describe the industrial uses of ammonia On both a domestic and industrial level, ammonia can be found in cleaning products. Such products are [...]

The Work of Chemists

Gather, process and present information from secondary sources about the work of practising scientists identifying the variety of chemical occupations and a [...]