Month: September 2016

Exam Technique

1    In-exam hints     There are many sources of information on how best to approach exams, but this section examines hints that are [...]

HSC Exam Verb

Throughout the HSC course you will notice a variety of verbs used to phrase questions. These verbs play a surprisingly important role in directing how the [...]

The Solvay Process

Identify the raw materials used in the Solvay process and name the products Before beginning this topic, it is useful to outline what exactly the Solvay [...]


Perform a first-hand investigation to carry out saponification and test the product Procedure: Saponification: Place 5g of NaOH pellets in a [...]

Sodium Hydroxide

Explain the difference between galvanic cells and electrolytic cells in terms of energy requirements The difference between galvanic cells and electrolytic [...]

Sulfuric Acid

Outline three uses of sulfuric acid in industry This dotpoint is largely introductory, so don’t feel that you need to go into a great deal of detail for [...]

Equilibrium and the Equilibrium Constant

Identify data, plan and perform a first-hand investigation to model an equilib- rium reaction This experiment really just aims at showing you what equilibrium [...]

Resources and Replacements

Identify data, gather and process information to identify and discuss the issues associated with the increased need for a natural resource that is not a fossil [...]

Monitoring the Water Supply

Identify factors that affect the concentrations of a range of ions in solution in natural bodies of water such as rivers and oceans When answering this [...]